Dental floss

The primary material of dental floss is pure silk. What do you associate with silk? … Soft. Luxury. In fact, it is softer than conventional dental floss that is often made of nylon (PA). Nylon is smoother and harder than silk. Silk is a natural material, soft, and with a surface with more open pores than other materials. It therefore cleans more thoroughly than other products, which is visible and perceptible. The yaweco dental silk is waxed using beeswax, making it easy to use. Traces of the wax can stick to the teeth and remain in the mouth. It is therefore good to know that the wax is not synthetic but natural. The can or dispenser is stable, hygienic, and ideal for travel.


The protruding edge of the dental floss and the knife can be uncovered and opened by rotating the lid. Here, you can pull out the long piece of the dental floss and cut it off with the knife. Wrap the ends of the piece of floss around the fingers of both hands and use the middle piece to run through the teeth laterally. After each tooth, wrap the floss a bit further down and continue. 


  • Dental floss: silk and beeswax
  • The can in which the silk is packaged consists of a PP with an additive that ensures that the material completely decomposes in surroundings of organic material (compost, landfill) within a few years. However, it can withstand the warm and humid environment of a bathroom.
  • Packaging: cardboard and PET foil. Both must be disposed of in the designated garbage cans.

Dental floss – is it really necessary?

Most repairs by dentists are due to insufficient dental hygiene. And this even though the majority brushes their teeth twice a day. The space between the teeth is not easy to reach with a toothbrush. This is where the most damage to the tooth occurs. Bacteria in plaque need 24 hours to unfold their damaging effects. You should therefore clean the interdental spaces once a day. If you use floss, you will probably see the “proof” after the first use and will understand how important cleaning these small spots is.

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