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- the toothbrush made of bio-based materials.
The pure, simple, real toothbrush from yaweco entices with its materials and simple elegance.


  • Ergonomic handle and optimally rounded bristles
  • Made in Germany, produced with solar energy and an in-house water cycle
  • Contents tested for plasticizers, bisphenols, and other substances that do not belong in the mouth
  • The handle consists of over 60% biopolymers based on sugar minerals. In addition: mineral fillers, natural waxes, biodegradable additives.
  • The bristles (filaments) consist of the basic PA 10.10 material and contain castor oil instead of crude oil.
  • The packaging consists of cardboard, with over 90% recycling material and a covering film consisting of PLA (polylactic acids), which are biodegradable in accordance with DIN ISO 14855.

The entire product is therefore made from bio-based materials, i.e. renewable raw materials that are partially also biodegradable according to the aforementioned standard. The process described here refers to the biodegradability in a technical composting plant. Please refer to our note under “Disposal”.

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