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The quality of a toothbrush can sometimes be seen in its workmanship. A parting line that can be felt and seen is not exactly a sign of technically sound, high-quality manufacturing.
Among the most important quality features is the bristle rounding. Bristles that have been properly rounded off protect the gums and tooth enamel. How good the rounding actually is can only be seen under a high-resolution microscope. Toothbrushes by yaweco are produced on modern equipment with optimal rounding. Each production batch is also inspected under a microscope and only good products are released for sale.
The component materials are also important, of course. A toothbrush is used in the mouth, so it is important that it does not contain any harmful substances that could be absorbed. All toothbrushes by yaweco have been tested by independent institutions for any harmful materials. We don’t just rely on certifications from subsuppliers of raw materials. In order to be sure that no reactions have taken place in the production process that could have produced a harmful substance, the finished product is always tested.

Bristle rounding

One important quality feature of a toothbrush is the rounding of the ends of the bristles. Bristles are first cut off and inserted in the toothbrush. When they are cut, the ends of the bristles have sharp edges. These ends can damage the tooth enamel, lead to increased wear of the tooth enamel, and damage the gums. To prevent this, bristles on yaweco toothbrushes are rounded and ground off using the latest state-of-the-art machines. The difference between non-ground bristles and those with optimal rounding can be seen only under a microscope, ideally an electron microscope. These microscopic images are taken for every production batch as a quality check, to ensure that every toothbrush has optimally rounded bristles.

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